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No. of Passengers


Battery Type



Navy Blue

Sales Tax Included



3 Year Manufacturer

Street Legal


2023 Royal EV Crown C4L Lithium (Navy Blue)

✔️ Street Legal Kit:
Headlights, blinkers, tail lights, brake lights, fog lights, horn and seatbelts for all passengers
✔️ Standard Equipment:
9” digital display with bluetooth speakers, digital speedometer, battery meter and state of charge, LED lighted side mirrors, back-up camera, integrated cooler under back seat, custom steering wheel, extended roof systems, high and low beam option headlights, custom seats, fold down windshield, 400amp controller with onboard charger. Speed 28+mph.

✔️ Specifications:
5” lift with 14” rims and off-road tires NOT acceptable for the golf course.

✔️ Battery:
Comes equipped with a 72V / 105amp hr Lithium battery. Approximate range is 40-50 miles per full charge depending on load and usage. Battery comes with a 5 year manufacturer, full price of the battery warranty. Average life span is 8-10 years.

➕ Upgrades:
Add a LED Ecoxgear sound bar, upgraded upholstery, rain enclosure and more! Email us for a quote!


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